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10 Coolest Fashion Trends To Look Forward To

It will be sometime before any one of us will be able to go on a shopping spree to our favorite flea markets. However, thank God for the Internet! You can continue to get inspired by the street style emanating from the fashion capitals of the world. We bring you top 10 coolest fashion trends to follow, which have already been endorsed by the fashionistas at different Spring/Summer fashion weeks this year.

  1. Feminine dresses/Chunky Boots – The grunge look never really goes out of fashion, the story remains same this year as well. Combat boots or any other chunky footwear will go with your feminine dresses. It is the season of mix ‘n match so go crazy!
  2. Oversized Sleeves – Taking inspiration from the Victorian era or the 19th century, oversized sleeves are back in vogue to add a feminine touch to your outfit. You can also opt for the vintage puff sleeves, which is another style that just keeps coming back.
  3. Shoes Over Pants – This trend may be a refreshing twist to an otherwise boring outfit. Whether you are wearing a jeans, cigarette pants or slacks, pick up a strappy sandal and tie it around the hem of your lower wear. Throw on a matching jacket or coat and you are ready to turn some heads!
  4. Pastel Bucket Hats – Block the sun in style with this trendy accessory, which is so versatile that you can match it with any outfit. The shades to choose from can be light beige to zesty orange.
  5. Matching Tops With Stockings – Yes, you heard that right! It is time to bring the two extreme pieces of clothing on the same platform, in this case your printed tops need to match with your stockings to create that ultimate punk look!
  6. Faux Leather Coats – We don’t want to hurt any animals while getting ourselves this latest trendy look, right? So, faux leather coats it is and that too long, to give your winter wardrobe a fresh upgrade!
  7. Square Toes – No, we aren’t asking you to go into cosmetic surgery! Just pick up square toed-heels and you are set to transition into a fresh look. Pair it with ankle booties to keep your feet warm during winters!
  8. Faux Leather Jumpsuits – A faux leather jumpsuit will do wonders for your sartorial confidence as well as for your fashion quotient. Whether you choose to go all pink or all black with it, your look will be stunning for sure!
  9. Oversized Necklaces – Gold chains never really go out of fashion, they just keep making a comeback every few years. This year, they have resurfaced in their oversized avatar an wearing these will rock any sort of outfit that you’ve chosen to wear that day!
  10. Bucket Bags – Though this style was invented by Louis Vuitoon in 1932, to keep champagne fresh, the bucket bags have become a hot accessory today with women using it to store their products in style!
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